Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taste of Heaven! (Anjin, Costa Mesa)

Purely Divine. If there was a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) place in heaven, Anjin would definitely be the place to eat. One catch... Even God himself would probably have to wait for a table. This super crowded joint is one of my all-time favorite restaurants Ever!!!! I am what you would call a regular. I've been coming here ever since it opened years ago, so believe me when I tell you, expect a long wait no matter what time you go. If you don't know where this place is, just look for the hordes of people salivating, waiting outside and you will have found the spot. The meat at Anjin is comparable to any top tier restaurants anywhere. I've been to some of the top steak houses and restaurants in the country and Anjin's meat is just as good and I get to eat my gohan (rice). This no frills restaurant is simply the best yakiniku place that I have ever been to besides in Japan . Beautifully marbled, the prime grade kalbi (short rib) simply melts in your mouth and should not be passed up. Also not to be missed is the prime grade rib-eye which is also super delicious. This is a carnivore's heaven! The sauces is also another element which separates Anjin from other yakiniku establishments. You have two sauces to choose from. Decisions... Decisions... Decisions... Which one to pick? I tend to like the more traditional tare (shoyu based sauce that is slightly sweetened) sauce and my wife tends to favor the sesame sauce. And we always add the freshly minced garlic into our sauce to add a little more flavor. mmm... mmm... mmm!!!! Besides the meat, we always order the miso chicken and assorted vegetables as well. For dessert I usually order the cappuccino ice cream and my wife always gets the almond jello. Since my wife's family has known the owner for many years, we sometimes get to sample things before anyone else and before they become regular menu items. This time it was the pineapple sherbet served in a tiny pineapple. It was very refreshing. Hands down this place is worth the wait and is by far the best yakiniku restaurant!

Prime Kalbi

Prime Rib-Eye

Miso Chicken

Da Grill

Pineapple Sherbet

3033 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA. 92626

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