Monday, January 26, 2009

One of the best bargains (Aloha Mixed Plate, Maui)

This place brings back some good and bad memories. The first time we went to Aloha Mixed Plate was many years ago. And I would have to say that was one of the best vacations ever. Most of my family and relatives were in Maui for my cousins wedding and we had a blast. We actually ate here one night and the sad part was my nephew who was only three years old back then fell and hit his head on the floor. But other than that I have nothing but good memories of this place.

It so happened to work out that this was our last meal on our babymoon. To my surprise, although Aloha Mixed Plate is right in the thick of tourist area, their prices are probably the most reasonable in Maui. And the food portions are also a great deal. If I had only remembered that it was such a good bargain I might have eaten here more often. The food was great, inexpensive, and the views were also great. I'm really going to miss Maui! I wonder if we can have another babymoon in the future :)

Furikake Garlic Fries
These Furikake Garlic Fries were delicious! They are so tasty and make the perfect side dish. I literally could eat these every day. The seasoning of the furikake (Japanese seasoning for rice) and garlic is perfect marriage.

Breaded Teriyaki Beef
I am surprised that this dish is not replicated more often. How can you go wrong with two very popular dishes in one. Deep frying a piece of teriyaki beef coated in panko (Japanese bread crumb) sounds like a home run every time! Aloha Mixed Plate is the only place that I know of that serves this and they do a very good job. Not to mention that cost is very reasonable and you leave very full!

Aloha Mixed Plate
1285 Front Street
Lahaina, Maui, HI. 96761

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