Monday, March 23, 2009

In Memoriam (Regent China Inn, Los Angeles)

With a sad heart, I write this entry. Long before I met my wife, her and her family would always make it a point to eat with their "Granny" at her favorite restaurant in China Town.... Regent China Inn. And this tradition continued all the way until her passing about a year ago. At least once a month, my wife's parents would come pick us up and we would drive together to go pick up Granny at the Tokyo Towers in Little Tokyo. And we would always have to eat by six o'clock. She didn't like to eat late :) Like a well oiled soon as we got off the third/fourth street exit and crossed over the bridge, my wife would make the call to Granny on her cell phone and say "hello (in a broken English accent mimicking Granny) come down stairs" And as we would approach, she would be eagerly waiting outside for the car to drive up. I truly believe that her joy in life towards the end was seeing her grand kids. Her face would lighten up and you could see the pep in her step. It would have been her 93rd birthday just last week. It's just a shame that she was not here to see her other great grand gohan. She is sorely missed!

Spicy Salt Shrimp
I just love these shrimps. They always come out piping hot and perfectly seasoned. My wife and I would always tear the head off and give it to Granny. She would always end up with ton of shrimp heads to eat :)

Egg Foo Young
Not until recently did we start ordering this dish. My father in law started to have a craving for the egg foo young and I'm glad he did. I never really tried egg foo young until this time, but I'm a big fan now. I just love the onions and bean sprouts in the light airy egg batter smothered with a type of gravy. yummm!

Chicken Chow Fun w/ Black Bean Sauce
I am a sucker for carbs. Anytime I see a rice dish or a noodle dish, I am like white on rice. I am all over it. I really enjoy Regent's version of Chow Fun as it is slightly spicy. And besides, doesn't it seem like anything cooked with black bean sauce is delicious? But in all seriousness....Regent's version is really good!

Crispy Chicken
Who doesn't like crispy chicken? Especially when it comes out hot and crispy. Sprinkle a little bit of the salt and you are good to go. And after all the years of my wife's family requesting to get extra chips, the waiters don't even have to ask and always serve our chicken with extra crispy chips. You can barely make out that there is chicken underneath heaping amount of chips :)

On this particular occasion eating at Regent was our first dinner there without Granny. When she was alive, we would always order the lobster with black bean sauce. And once that dish came out, you would not hear a peep from Granny. She would have her head face down working hard on getting every morsel out from the lobster shells. She absolutely loved that dish! On a regular basis her appetite was average, but when it came time to eat at Regent she would almost eat as much as me. And trust me....I can eat a lot! You can bet, every time we go to Regent we'll be thinking of Granny. We'll miss you Granny!

Regent China Inn
739-747 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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