Monday, August 25, 2008

Yummm! (Donut Man, Glendora)

When I first learned of Donut Man, I knew I had to try it. But I kept on having this reoccurring conversation in my head. 'damn, it's so far away, but it looks sooooo good! , but damn it's far away'. After having this debate with myself over and over, I finally gave in and drove all the way out to Glendora to try the Almighty Donut Man. Donut Man is located on Route 66. Whenever I hear Route 66, for some reason or another it conjures up thoughts of an old dusty road in the middle of the desert. But on this road and in this desert, lies a pure oasis. Donut Man is simply Devine as far as donuts are concerned.

As soon as I woke up that one morning I knew there was something special about that day. I was finally going to make the trek out to Donut Man. Mr's Gohan couldn't help but laugh at me. I have to admit I was pretty excited. On the drive there I couldn't help but to revert back and act like a little boy on special road trip. I kept on thinking to myself 'are we there yet, are we there yet?'

Finally we arrived and I have to admit, I was beside myself. It was kind of weird. I can't recall the last time I was this excited about going somewhere to eat, especially for donuts. As we approached the window to order, we were eyeing all the different donuts and getting our order ready. But we knew what we were here for....fresh strawberry donuts. The fresh and light glazed donut made to perfection were sliced in half with a dollop of fresh strawberries in the middle. Trust me it doesn't get any better than this! We also ended up ordering a Bear Claw, some sort of donut with cream cheese, and a butter milk donut. They were all scrumptious! But the consensus was that the cream cheese with raspberry swirl was the best besides the strawberries. Unfortunately, the swirl portion was stuck to the paper when we got back home :(

Fresh Strawberry Donuts
Cream Cheese Donut
Butter Milk Donut
Bear Claw

Donut Man definitely is one of the best donut shops ever! Whenever strawberries are in season, I will definitely make the pilgrimage out to Glendora to get me some scrumptious donuts. Donut Man also serves a fresh peach donut when they are in season as well. I'll have to give that a try someday.

Donut Man
915 E. Route 66
Glendora, CA. 91740

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