Monday, March 2, 2009

Glad she didn't take that bet! (Rio's Pizza, Monterey Park)

I remember when Rio's Pizza first opened, I said to "Mrs. Gohan", "there's no way this place is going to stay in business. I bet $100 that it won't last a year" Man, am I lucky that she didn't take me up on that bet! For some reason I didn't think that it'd do that good. Fast forward 8 or 9 years now and there still going strong. I forgot to factor in that East Los Angeles Community College is right next to Rio's. I'm sure the college accounts for a lot of their business as well as the decent pizza that they serve. If you like thick crust pizza with oozing melted cheese, than Rio's Pizza is the place for you. On a side note....For some odd reason I love eating left over pizza the next day and zapping it in the microwave. I know it sounds weird but that's what I like. Oh, and I can't forget, you can't eat pizza with out drinking something carbonated. Whether its soda or beer. It's just standard operations :)

Fat Tire
Fat Tire was my choice of weapon to wash down the pizza this time. Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers.

Pepperoni Pizza
Well here it is....the slice of pizza that ALMOST costed me $100. The thing I like the most about Rio's Pizza is their crust. It's nice and crunchy without being too heavy and doughy. I've really come to like Rio's Pizza.

Rio's Pizza
2223 S. Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA. 91754

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