Monday, February 16, 2009

One of my all time favorites! (Furaibo, City of Industry)

FuRaiBo is one restaurant that I used to frequent regularly when they were located in Little Tokyo because I used to work in Little Tokyo. Unfortunately they closed that location down years ago, but when I first started dating my wife years ago, she told me that there was this restaurant that just opened up right by her parent's house called FuRaiBo. Then it got me thinking "could this place be the same restaurant? or is my wife (my then girlfriend) mispronouncing it? sounds too good to be true!" Lucky for all us it was the same restaurant. I knew that the original was out on the Westside, but that was too far of a trek for us.

The one thing that keeps me coming back has got to be the tebasaki (chicken wings). I swear they must lace their food with some highly addictive drugs. I get these cravings for their tebasaki that are indescribable! I definitely would have to say FuRaiBo is one of my top 5 restaurants ever! Unfortunately I don't get to dine at FuRaiBo as often now. I guess it's pretty hard to maintain that once a week or once every other week visit to FuRaiBo :)

Age -Dashi Tofu
Furaibo's version of Age-Dashi Tofu (deep fried tofu served in a broth) is very good. The tofu has a nice light coating of potato/cornstarch and then is deep fried and served in tentsuya (Japanese dipping broth) sauce. Although I thoroughly love tofu, you would think that I would love eating Age-Dashi Tofu . But some odd reason it's not one of my favorite dishes.

Now this is one of my favorite dishes at FuRaiBo. The Age-Nasu (Fried Eggplant) is absolutely delish! The eggplant which is deep fried soaks up all that goodness of the broth and brings joy to my taste buds.

I have to admit, the first time I ordered this dish I fell in love it. It was love at first bite! All that crispy goodness contrasting with silky softness of the is pure Heaven! The tofu-katsu is served with a dipping sauce that is equally as good.

Gyu-Kushi (beef on a skewer) is another dish that is absolutely delicious. If I only could grill some meat like this at home. The meat is sooo juicy, tender, and tasty it should be illegal. Squirt a little lemon on this and eat it with some rice and you're good to go!

Now this is the true reason that I keep on coming back. The seasoning is a perfect balance of the slight sweetness and the taste of pepper alongside with the sprinkled sesame seeds which gives the tebasaki (chicken wing) a slight nutty flavor. Because of my inept quality to describe taste, I unfortunately can not begin to describe how good these really are. Again served with gohan (rice) you're good to go!

17859 Colima Rd.
City of Industry, CA. 91748

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