Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthplace of a Godfather

Day 2 (Sparks Steak House)
This was the last night that my cousin would be joining me and my wife on our food journey. The site where the infamous John Gotti became the new head of the Gambino family by ordering the assassination of Paul Castelllano. I've been here numerous times and to this day it remains one of my all time favorite steak houses. The handful of times that I've been to Sparks I have yet to be disappointed. Everything from the service to the food has always been exceptional. We started off by ordering a bottle of the 04' Lewelling Cabernet and let me tell you.... It was a great start! My wife and my cousin then ordered a Caesar salad and some salmon to start. I was just waiting for my meat. The three of us shared some hash brown potatoes and sauteed spinach as our sides. The hash brown were perfectly seasoned. The chunky potatoes were fluffy and crunchy at the same time. One of the best hash browns I've ever had. The spinach was sauteed with some garlic that was neither spectacular nor was it bad. But what we really came to eat was their steaks. We all ordered the sirloin steak, which in New York they call a shell steak. I've never heard this term until coming to New York. The steak was superb! The steak was perfectly seasoned and was very juicy. No steak sauces necessary here. And the portions were very generous. Just like back in the 80's when Paul Castellano the head of the mafia was having a dinner meeting. The three of us were having a meeting of a different kind. This was serious business. We were here to find out which steak was better. The verdict was that we all liked Spark's steak better than Lugers. I know that there's going to be hell to pay for saying this, but it is what it is. Not taking anything away from Peter Luger. Trust me when I say, I know good steaks. I've been to a lot of good steakhouses and both Luger & Sparks ranks amongst the best. Like the saying goes, "there's always room for dessert". We finished the night off with the Mixed Berries Romanoff. This is the perfect ending to dinner here at Sparks in my opinion. It's not too sweet and it hits the spot.

210 E. 46th Street
New York, NY

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