Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Best In Town (Saga Japanese Cuisine, Monterey Park)

Hands down... No Contest... Absolutely the Best in Town. Well... the best hirekatsu (filet portion of pork cutlet) in town at least. For those people who are familiar with Japanese food, hirekatsu is basically the same as tonkatsu (pork cutlet), but it usually comes in smaller portions and is much more tender. So tender that there is no need for a knife. Just bite into it and enjoy. The menu here at Saga Japanese Cuisine is limited as well as the seating. At first thought, I wished that they had a more diverse menu, but soon realized that it is much better this way. This is what makes this restaurant special. They don't have much on the menu, but what they do have, they do really good! Everything from the hirekatsu, tempura, sukiyaki, and from what I hear, the butter salmon, is excellent. My sister raves about their butter salmon. She swears that its the best salmon. The hirekatsu is so crispy, light, and tender. Most other restaurants that make a tonkatsu, make it crunchy but it tends to be heavy and greasy. Saga Japanese Cuisine really knows how to deep fry. Their dishes are all light and crispy. The sukiyaki is also one of the best that I've tasted, besides eating at home. Especially when my father was alive. My father's sukiyaki was the best. Even years after he has passed away, we still talk about it. Most dinners come with a Chawan-Mushi (steamed egg custard), entree, and some sort of dessert. Although I don't like the chawan-mushi, everyone says that Saga makes a real good one. As far as their desserts go, I could take it or leave it.


Saga Japanese Cuisine
122 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA

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