Friday, April 4, 2008

Honey Toast (Tokyo Table, Arcadia)

Two words say it all. Honey Toast and also Mochi Cheese. Or is that four words? Anyways... There are certain times when you crave something so bad, that you are willing to throw out any intentions of staying on a diet out the window. But more on that a little later... The first time I went to Tokyo Table, I was thoroughly impressed with the menu. All the way from the cocktails to the desserts. Tokyo Table's twist on Japanese cuisine is very unique and appetizing. The first time I went to Tokyo Table was about a year ago at their Beverly Hills location and it Wowed me. This was unlike any other Japanese type restaurant that I've been at that point. Very modern and contemporary in the decor and in it's cuisine. And the Arcadia location is no different. Lately, when I've been having that craving in my stomach, I've been going to the fairly new location in Arcadia because of the proximity to where I live. This time we went with my mother, who has been craving the Honey Toast and Ishiyaki Garlic Shrimp. Every time she had plans to come here, her friends have flaked out on her, making her crave it even more. The best way to sample the cuisine here is to come in a larger group and order a plethora of items. This time we decided to try some different items along with some tried and true items. Unfortunately we did not have room in our bellies to order one of my favorites... Mochi Cheese :(

Yukari French FriesWe started off with the usual Yukari French Fries. These are not your typical seasoned fries, they have a distinct flavor of furikake (Japanese style of dried seasoning) which is so tasty and the fries are always perfectly cooked to a crisp without being too dried out.

Braised Pork Cha-Siu
Another usual suspect is the Braised Pork Cha-Siu served with Tokyo Negi (Japanese Green Onion). The thinly sliced pork is succulent and savory. Although it was delicious, from what I recall, the one served at the Beverly Hills location was superior to the one in Arcadia.

Rock Shrimp Tempura
Our next dish was something that we have not tried before. The Rock Shrimp Tempura served with a Garlic Aioli and Creamy Wasabi dipping sauces. These little shrimp tempura were like little poppers. Bite size and crispy. This dish was decent. Let's face it, anything fried is good, but this was a bit too greasy and the sauces didn't quite mesh with the tempura in my opinion.

Grilled Chicken with Yuzu
Another dish that I've wanted to try for awhile was the Chicken Breast with Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit). Similar to other dishes that come out on hot skillets, this particular dish's aroma is what stands out the most. The aromatic fragrance of the yuzu instantly awakens my senses and makes my mouth water. The chicken was executed exceptionally well. The chicken was juicy and seasoned well.

Ishiyaki Garlic Shrimp with Rice
Now this dish is one of my all-time favorites here at Tokyo Table. The Ishiyaki Garlic Shrimp with Rice is excellent and should not be passed up. This dish is a type of fried rice cooked in a ishiyaki (Japanese hot stone bowl) with shrimp and some peppers. The longer that it is kept untouched in the bowl, the crispier the outside becomes. This is known as okoge. A word to the wise, you better not try to steal my okoge!

Honey Toast with Strawberry
I saved the best for last. The HONEY TOAST. The first time I saw this dessert on Tokyo Table's website, I knew I had to try it. It looks Sooo Good and tastes even Better! The one thing I miss about visiting Japan is their bread. The bread in Japan is thicker than what we are used to here in the States, and in my humble opinion, it is far superior. This dessert uses a similar type bread and is drizzled with your choice of topping. Oh... And I can't forget.... Ice Cream. Everything is better with Ice Cream. Our favorite Honey Toast is the strawberry honey toast. Trust me, it is good!

Tokyo Table
400 S. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA

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