Monday, June 23, 2008

Decadent Cheesecakes! (Cheesecake Factory, Arcadia)

If you are looking for a variety of items to choose from, Cheesecake Factory is the place for you. Most notably known for their variety of decadent cheesecakes, Cheesecake Factory also offers a diverse menu. Offering something for everyone. Unfortunately for me, or maybe fortunately for my diet, I don't particularly care for the food here. Although I do LOVE their cheesecakes. I'd much rather eat at a restaurant that specialized in a particular type of cuisine, rather than the all encompassing type of restaurant that is Cheesecake Factory and other similar type of restaurants. I am not saying that the food at Cheesecake Factory is terrible. In fact, for what they do, they do pretty well. My only gripe is that there is nothing on the menu that really WOWs me here. Now, their cheesecakes are another story. I have yet to eat a cheesecake that I haven't loved.

It's been about 7-8 years since I've actually sat down and eaten at a Cheesecake Factory. Recently, I've only picked up cheesecakes to go. What brought me to eat here? We were eating with some friends of "Mrs. Gohan". To my surprise, I actually enjoyed my meal more than I had expected and the company was fun. I ordered the the Pasta Carbonara w/ Chicken. The first thing that struck me, was the portions that they serve. I had forgotten about the enormous portions of food served at Cheesecake Factory. The carbonara was pretty good, but it was too filling. That night it so happened that my sister and her kids were coming back from a ski trip and I had to pick them up at the airport. Unfortunately for me, their flight actually came in early. I had to cut my dinner short. I had to ask "Mrs. Gohan" to order my dessert and to bring it home for me. I had asked her to order me the Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake. One good thing about cheesecakes, is that it tastes just as good at home as it does at the restaurant. Yummm!!! All in all, the dinner at Cheesecake Factory was good. The food was surprisingly good and the company was even better!

Cheesecake Factory
400 S. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA.

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