Monday, April 27, 2009

What a great import! (Beard Papa's, Little Tokyo)

In Japan Shu-Cream (cream puffs) are really popular. It's almost like donuts here in America. I never really got into cream puffs, but years ago I remembered hearing about this place at the Gardena Marukai store where people would line up just for cream puffs and often times would sell out. The place was called Beard Papa's and it was a franchise store from Japan. Why would people line up just for cream puffs? But then again, when Krispy Kreme first opened it was a mad house as well. I figured it's probably the same thing, so it piqued my interest. Now you can find Beard Papa's everywhere. What a great import! From the moment I first ate a Beard Papa's cream puff I was hooked. Hook, Line, and Sinker. I'm glad that they've grown but I'm afraid that they are over saturating by growing too fast and that they will end up closing up shop. They just need to look at Krispy Kreme and learn from their mistakes. I do like that they created a new cream puff. The cookie crunch cream puff. I absolutely love it!

The eclair is just like the original cream puff except that it covered in chocolate. Anything dipped in chocolate is good!

Strawberry Cookie Crunch Cream Puff
This was the first time I tried the cookie crunch with the strawberry filling. And I fell in love with the strawberry filling although I still think the original is better.

Vanilla Cookie Crunch Cream Puff
The original vanilla filling is still my favorite. If you look closely you can even see specks of vanilla bean in the picture :)

Beard Papa's
333 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA. 90013

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