Monday, August 4, 2008

Lunch time @ trade show (Nathan's & Grand Luxe, Las Vegas)

Working all week long at a trade show is definitely tiresome. Food options are very limited and at times very blah. With the limited time that we had for lunch, we were limited to going to pick up lunch at the food court. And when you're at a convention for 6 days there is only so many places you could go. One bright spot was picking up lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian. The one dish that has become a sort of a tradition is their Sunday Night Pasta. The Sunday Night Pasta sauce is a meat sauce that has braised short ribs along with onions, mushrooms, and garlic. This dish is hearty and delicious. The portions are huge and can be easily shared. Another dish that we ordered was the Pasta Carbonara. The Carbonara was surprisingly very good. Many restaurants that serve a Carbonara tend to be overly rich and heavy, which was not the case at Grand Lux Cafe. And the applewood smoked bacon flavor was perfect. One of my new favorites is the Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This sandwich was really good. In my opinion this grilled cheese sandwich rivals the one at Table 8 restaurant in Hollywood. And if you don't know, Table 8's sandwich was featured on Oprah Winfrey's television show. That's how good I thought the one at Grand Lux Cafe tasted. Maybe something in the casino's air had something to with it. Another place that we ordered from is Nathan's Famous. I've eaten at at Nathan's in New York before and to be honest... it's good but not worthy of the hype. The best hot dog that I've had is still at Gray's Papaya. All in all, the lunches at the trade show were okay.

Sunday Night Pasta

Pasta Carbonara

Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nathan's Hot Dog

Grand Lux Cafe
3355 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV. 89109

Nathan's Famous
3555 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV. 89109

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