Monday, July 14, 2008

Ono Grinds (Aloha Specialties, Las Vegas)

Eh, howzit brah? Aloha Specialties Restaurant at California Casino in downtown Las Vegas is absolutely Ono (Hawaiian for delicious). Every time we come to Las Vegas we have to come here and eat at least once. It is so good, sometimes we even eat there daily. There was once a time whenever you went to the Cal, you would run into someone from home. But nowadays, the Cal seems like a ghost town. Every time I go there it is empty. Maybe because it's become very run down and dingy. The only reason we go to the Cal now is to go eat upstairs at Aloha Specialties. There was a time when I used to try different things here, but I have narrowed my selection to just the Loco Moco and Spam Musubi. For those that don't know what a loco moco is.... it is a hamburger patty on top of a bed of Japanese rice with an egg on top with gravy poured all over. Typically, whenever I go to a Hawaiian style restaurant, I order Loco Moco. And here on the mainland, I have yet to have eaten a better Loco Moco. Aloha's loco moco is simply the best. I tried to narrow down what makes it this good, but the fact is that everything makes it this good. The hamburger meat, the gravy, and I think what is the most important factor, perhaps maybe its the journey that it takes to come here is what makes it special.

Loco Moco

Spam Musubi

Aloha Specialties Restaurant
12 E. Ogden Avenue
Las Vegas, NV. 89101

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