Monday, September 8, 2008

The Best Carnitas & Rice (La Luz Del Dia, Los Angeles)

My in-laws are responsible for my addiction to this place. La Luz Del Dia in Olvera Street is simply the best! I love this place. They have the best carnitas and Spanish rice that I have ever tasted. I guess when my father in-law used to work in Downtown he used to go here for lunch all the time and thanks to him, I'm now hooked :)
We used to only go when we were in the area or we would go and eat there before we would go to Lakers games, but now we even go all the way out there just to eat the carnitas and rice. Despite having to drive 10 to 15 minutes and spending another 5 to 10 minutes driving around looking for parking (I usually give up and pay $5 for parking for only 30 minutes that we spend eating) it is well worth the pain.
The succulent carnitas are hand shredded and cooked to perfection. They are tender and perfectly seasoned. Delicious! For awhile they went to this automatic meat shredder that produced a texture that was unappetizing and seemed too commercialized. I am glad that they did away with that God awful machine and reverted back to the good old way of hand shredding. Another outstanding item which might even surpass their carnitas is their rice. Their rice is sooooo tasty! The rice is perfectly cooked and is light, fluffy, and moist. I don't know what it is, but La Luz Del Dia's rice is so much better than any other place I've been to. Their tortillas are also very good! They can be seeing made by hand right there in front of you, so you know they are fresh and good. Not quite as good as I've had in Mexico, but nonetheless, they are fresh and good. I would recommend this place to anyone in a heartbeat!

Carnitas Plate with rice
Hand Made Tortillas

As if all the carnitas and rice wasn't enough, we head down Olvera Street to get our filling of some good old taquitos. I know a lot of people like eating taquitos at the place on the corner, but it's so damn expensive for taquitos. Besides when you order taquitos there, they only give you one per order. What's up with that? Granted their taquitos are good but, I'd rather get my fix at this small joint. Its called El Rancho Grande. In my opinion their taquitos are pretty comparable and you get the normal serving of two taquitos per order. I love drizzling some of their hot sauce on the taquitos to give it that extra kick. The taquitos almost serve as a "dessert" if you will to the meal at La Luz Del Dia. It caps off my meal perfectly. I could go home full and satisfied :)


La Luz Del Dia
1 Olvera Street
Los Angeles, CA. 90189

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